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Welcome to the Plano Band

The legend grows as our Plano Wildcats take on new challenges and strive for greater heights. Every component of our fair campus is poised to pounce. Hear our hiss, see our growl, and enjoy what our Wildcats have to offer. Unlike most legends, we are not only known for what we used to do, but for what we continue to do. We will be the inspiration that inspired us to be here. This is Plano. We are legend.

Membership Congratulations!

On behalf of the two-time Grammy Award-winning Plano Band Program, we welcome you to one of the most exciting, diverse, and historically music rich programs in the nation. We are proud of our program-it's past, present, and future-with its foundation built on the greatest pride, tradition, music, and friendships. We wish every Plano Band student and parent a year filled with incredible shared experiences and life long memories.


With membership in the Plano Senior High School Band, you are part of one of the most outstanding high school music programs in America. The band programs in the Plano Independent School District have received consistent recognition as being among the best in the nation. In 2005 and 2008, the Plano Senior High School music department received a Grammy Signature School Gold Award from the Grammy Foundation recognizing the music department as one of the top three and seven, respectively, music programs in the United Sates.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Plano Senior High School Band is to develop in each student an appreciation of the art of music as a part of general culture; to teach techniques of musical expression; to discover and develop the talents of students in all styles of music; to develop knowledge and skills in listening to all styles of music and in reading and performing all styles of music.


Your decision to participate in the Plano Senior High School Band represents the opening of a door to tremendous opportunity. You are very fortunate to live in a place that has such a tradition of excellence and a school administration that values and supports our type of study. Please recognize this valuable opportunity and make the most of it.


Being a part of the "old school," the Plano Senior High School Band maintains and benefits from a strong community relationship, full of pride and worth. The marching band routinely performs in front of capacity crowds at football games and competitions. The Plano Band performs at 10-12 games per year, as well as three marching competitions, parades, concerts, and other community events. Game performances are routinely before a capacity crowd over 10,000 people, and marching competitions attract thousands of cheering fans. In addition, the Plano Band proudly displays its depth and reach with its awarding winning Plano Jazz Ensemble and nationally awarded and recognized Plano Percussion Program. Each reach a large number of spectators and consumers.

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We've got Spirit, yes we do! We've got Spirit, how about YOU?!!
Plano Band and Plano Wildcat spirit wear is available to anyone.

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