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Calendar Events

Twilight Concert

The Band Twilight Concert and Dinner (late August) is a great way to start off the year. The PSHS Band along with the Clark and Vines bands provide an evening of live music entertainment, followed by a marching demonstration involving parents and community. Advance purchase of dinner tickets from the band (Plano, Clark, Vines) means you can enjoy delicious food in the cafeteria. Be sure to bring your lawn chairs or blankets and your Plano paw to show that Plano Pride!

Night at Club Cat Swing Dance

This happens in January and is a fun way to start the spring semester. This energetic evening is one of the City of Plano's little known secrets you wish you knew after the fact.

The program includes swing dance lessons, desserts and some great jazz music. The dance is designed to give the copacetic crowd a professional dance band experience. Music performed is selected from the great Big Band libraries of Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Benny Goolman, Count Basie, and others.

Serving as the group's major fund raiser for the year, proceeds go towards jazz festival trips, purchasing sound equipment, hiring guest artists and clinicians, and producing a professionally recorded CD.

For more information, please visit HERE

Semester Stay Days (Fall and Spring)

Stay Day is hosted by Student Congress. This is not a day to "Stay at Home", but a day to encourage students to "Stay on Campus" during the lunch hour. It is a festival with booths selling food, the PSHS jazz band playing great music, and tables representing different student activities raising money and promoting causes. Parents are welcome to attend and enjoy the fun! Event date is determined at the start of the fall semester. Check the Plano Senior High School website for more details.

PISD MLK Celebration

This tribute event showcases the talent of Plano ISD students through a Parade of Nations, reading of original letters to Dr. King, student musical performances and presentation of Diversity Leadership Awards and MLK Art Contest Awards. Various Plano Senior High School Musical Groups periodically serve as one of the honored performing groups.

Midwinter Concert

The Plano Band Program offers it's Annual Midwinter Concert during the month of February. Free to the public, our community enjoys the warmth music provides. Selections range from traditional to modern, serious to toe tapping.

Pre-UIL Concert

Our Pre-UIl Concert gives our musicians an opportunity to perform their contest concert music in front of an audience. The endeavor of our actions is to help our young musicians find direction towards the highest level of music achievement possible.

UIL Concert

The Music Program of the UIL is designed to support and enrich the teaching of music as an integral component of the public school curriculum in the state of Texas. The judging rubric evaluates tone, technique, and musicianship. Dates for contest can be found on the Region 25 Music website.

Plano Band Auditions (Winds/Percussion)

The Plano Band holds their band auditions in April. All wind and percussion students go through an audition process resulting in concert band placements for the following school year. This demonstration of basic skills and proficiency allows the band program to rank and seat its membership into groups of similar aptitude allowing growth and success for the individual. Detailed information can be found on our "Plano Band Way" page of our website and clicking on AUDITIONS. For convenience, please click here.

Band Trip Festival Performance

Exciting pinnacle performance in music festival competition takes center stage as the Plano Band travels on its annual out of town band trip. The event date occurs sometime during the months of March, April, or May. Complete travel arrangements are provided by a reputable and distinguished music festival company assuring safe travel, entertaining experiences, and an atmosphere of musicianship, friendship, citizenship, and talent showcasing. Please visit the Plano Band Handbook for more details.

Jazz Festival

March presents the Jazz Ensemble an opportunity to perform at local jazz festivals, filled with enthusiasts.

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