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The following is from "The Unofficial Parent Guide to Plano Senior High School" by the PSHS PTSA. For more information, please visit here

First of all - don't panic. Grab something maroon (PSHS's primary color), and sit down to read.

Step 1

Go to your closet and pack up all your purple (Vines), and red (Clark) clothing. High school is over and it is time to move on to the SENIOR HIGH. Then eliminate the royal blue and yellow clothing, except for jeans - jeans are OK. For all of you that do not know, blue and yellow are the colors of Plano West and Plano East, respectively. When they mix with Maroon, things get messy. Put those clothes away for the next two years. Staff and administrators really like it when parents wear maroon to show their school spirit. So trust us...you don't want to be caught wearing any other color but Maroon. (White, black and gray are acceptable neutral colors.)

Step 2

Sit at your computer and bookmark these sites:
Plano Band Website
Charms Office - School Code (pshsband)
Plano Percussion Website
Plano Senior High School
Plano I.S.D.

The main forms of communication between school and parents are eNews, mailed newsletters, and the websites. Be sure to visit the Plano ISD website and update your profile for the eNews to include PSHS. Then check your email on a regular basis, if you haven't learned to already. We suggest at least once a day, but if you just can't, please don't go longer than every other day. This is especially important if your child is involved in athletics, fine arts, student clubs, or some other kind of campus activity. We all know how communicative our high school students are, so if you want to know what is happening, this is the best way to go.

Step 3

While you are at the computer and if it is after July 1st, visit the PISD website and fill out your volunteer application. If you are too early, then mark your calendars to fill out the volunteer application on that date! All volunteers on campus have to do this background check to be involved in their child's activities.

Step 4 - 6

For detailed information, please visit here

Step 7

This summer, do not buy plane tickets or make nonrefundable plans for vacations before reading your child's band activity calendar! Even if your PISD calendar says "school holiday" or "winter or spring break", there are many events, especially sports and marching band, that the child may be required to participate in during these times. Please keep this in mind when planning time away!

Step 8

Talk to your student this summer about the Open Campus policy at PSHS. You may notice that there are no fences and that there are lots of cars in the parking lots. Discuss the importance of being in class on time and returning to class after an off campus lunch break. Teachers notice a missing child and you will get a phone call from the attendance office! As a parent, stay clear of the streets around campus from 11:45-1:30 p.m. Many student drivers will be exiting the lots and heading towards the nearest fast food places. A tip for students: use the summer to practice walking miles each day, in good and bad weather, pushing through crowds, and carrying a heavy backpack. Although lockers are available, most students do not use them.

Step 9

Help your student find a place to belong on campus. One of the best parts of PSHS is the variety of student groups, sports teams, and fine arts activities they can participate in over the next two years. Some of their best friends will be made in Student Congress, on the golf team, marching in the band, practicing for a musical, or gathering for a meeting to discuss environmental issues on campus. Visit the PSHS websites and see what is available. If your child does not see something he likes, visit with the Student Activities Associate Principal and start a new club!

Step 10

Finish reading this guide. It has a lot of information we (the parents writing this) wished we had known before our Wildcat adventure began. Some information is more helpful for senior parents, but if you are a junior parent, just think of how well prepared you'll be!

Good parent/teacher communication is essential for your student's success in the Plano Band. With respect, diplomacy, and consistency, the Plano Band staff works hard to foster great parent/teacher relationships heart centered on creating the highest odds of success for our Plano Band students.

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