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The Plano Band Way

Program Goals

Students will develop the following skills and concepts:
  • A high degree of music reading encompassing: correct rhythm, tempo, dynamics, precision, tone, and the ability to be versatile to any given musical circumstance.

  • The ability to work cooperatively with others toward the performance of music in and with the ensemble.

  • The knowledge of a wide variety of band literature.

  • A high level of quality artistry through individual musical awareness, control, and technical facility.

  • Self-discipline; self-confidence; responsibility; and dependable behavior.

  • Respect for others, loyalty to the ensemble, and pride in the organization.

  • Respect for and proper use of equipment.

Specific Goals

Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert 1 Band, and Concert 2 Band shall include the following essential elements. Students will be expected to master the objectives in each of the identified areas:

1. Care and handling of instruments.
    2. Posture and playing position.
      3. Instrumental technique.
          a. Develop characteristic tone
          b. Develop listening and intonation skills
          c. Develop rhythmic skills
          d. Develop ability to phrase musically
          e. Develop dynamic control
          f. Develop articulation
        4. Music reading skills
            Understand and interpret printed musical symbols through performance on instrument.
          5. Musical sensitivity through performance and listening.
            6. Evaluation of musical performance quality.
                a. Evaluate progress toward self-established musical goals
                b. Evaluate solo and group rehearsals and performances
                c. Recognize quality of sound, pitch, style, tempo, rhythm, blend, balance, phrasing, dynamics, and articulation
              7. Creative self-expression
                  Express oneself in every rehearsal and performance experience.
                8. Develop strong personal skills in the areas of teamwork, leadership, and communication.

                The Plano Way has been developed to accomplish these goals in the most efficient and productive manner, and to provide an accurate method of assessing each student's progress. Personal and musical progress is based on the concept of each student's performing their assigned tasks to the best of their ability. Each student is capable of making a contribution to the group as well as growing in knowledge and appreciation.

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