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Plano Band Registration

Dear Band Members and Parents:
Welcome to the Plano Band. The Plano Band staff hopes all of you have had exciting and restful summer vacations and are ready for a year of great traditions, music, and friendships. Hopefully this information will help you prepare for band registration. It is extremely important that students attend their designated registration time. This is the only time band students will be fitted for uniforms and be able to order the necessary materials and clothing for the year. Required costs can only be accounted for accurately at registration check-out. It is suggested that at least one parent accompanies each student to band registration

What happens at Plano Band registration?
    1) Students are fitted for their uniforms.
    2) Students turn in all necessary forms to be a band member for this year.
    3) Students purchase and order all necessary materials and clothing for this year.
    4) Students receive their locker assignments, combination locks, folder slot assignments, and uniform storage assignments.
    5) Students may enroll in private lessons. All students taking lessons must file a lesson form.
    6) Students and parents may purchase optional spirit wear, spirit buttons, yard signs, and car decals.
    7) Students and parents may purchase tickets for dinner at the Twilight Dinner and Marching Season Preview Concert with PSHS and its feeder HS Bands.
    8) Parents may join the band boosters and volunteer to help organize or chaperone events
Students should plan to take their full marching band uniform home after registration. All uniforms must be returned to school properly hemmed on Plano Band Paw Picture Day. At this point, uniform inspection and band photos will take place as scheduled during summer band camp. Please visit our "Member's Only" site for this specific information.


Please review the Student Registration (bright yellow; given at registration) Form very carefully. It is recommended to fill in sizes for items as you register. Each student will be required to purchase a new band t-shirt (2 recommended) to be worn with the marching uniform. Students will also be required to purchase or bring to registration (for inspection/approval to use) a poncho, (2) pairs of gloves, a student polo shirt, white MTX marching shoes, and a "Foundations for Superior Band" warm-up book. If any student wishes to use previously purchased items they must bring the items in excellent condition to registration to avoid purchasing them. Each student will be required to pay a uniform cleaning fee, half of which will be returned to the student at the end of the year when all uniform parts have been returned. This amount is determined on an annual basis assuring the best, lowest cost to families. Each student will also be required to pay a $5 water fee for bottled water at football games.

Registration will occur in the Plano Fine Arts (D) Building as follows:

  1. Enter Band Hall South entrance
      Members and Parents will be guided through:
        A. Greeting | CHARMS | Picture Area
        B. T-Shirt | Band Polos
        C. Marching Band: Gloves | Shoes
        D. Concert Band: Warm-Up Books
        E. Locker Information
        F. Spirit Wear
        G. Forms Collection | Checkout ($)
  2. Proceed to Uniform Room
      Members and Parents will be guided through:
        A. Uniform Jacket/Trouser Fitting
        B. Hanger Assignment
        C. Issuing of Shako hat
        D. Issuing of gauntlets
        E. Complete Uniform Leaves with Student
  3. Proceed to Instrument Storage Room
      Members and Parents will be guided through:
        A. Storage procedure and expectations
        B. If trouser hemming is needed, proceed to #4
        C. If no trouser hemming needed, proceed to exit
  4. If trouser hemming needed, proceed to Sewing Room
      Members and Parents will be guided through:
        A. Trousers are marked and hemmed to uniform wear parameters
        B. Please proceed to exit with all questions answered, all forms signed, all receipts accounted for
  5. Wilcat Pride
Thank you for attending Plano Band registration. The band staff greatly appreciates your help and looks forward to an incredible year. See you all very soon!!!

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